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Clean Snapbacks: How to Clean Snapbacks

To all my peeps with the fresh white snapbacks I've got the hook up for you.

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You've got a snapback lest say one of these culprits







You step into the club with your white snapback and fresh Jays.

Shawty comes up to hug you like ''O.M.G, I haven't seen you  in like forever''.

Then the club photographer happens to conveniently want to take a pic.

She takes your hat to pose,

Photographer takes the picture,

You're hat is gone because she wants to wear it.

and you're way too cool to wanna make a scene.

Not to mention Hot Girl rocking your snapback is always a status swag thing

There is nothing worse than having a white snapback  that shawty then takes and gives it back to you dirty.

That's a very upsetting scenario but one that probably occurs every weekend if you think about it globally.

So lets look at the two possible solutions

1. Don't wear that fresh white snapback that compliments the outfit


2. Make sure you take your snapback from drunk hot girl.


3. Watch how to clean your snapback

As a caution just be sure to try it on a small unnoticeable patch first before going all out



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  • Rebecca

    Thanks man. I bought my first snapback a couple weeks ago and I washed it, putting it into the drawer and it came out covered in wrinkles, crooked, and the form was completely messed up. I've been trying to figure out how to fix it ever since. I'm gonna try this.