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Color Changing Snapbacks You Won’t Believe This Dopeness!!

YIzzzzzzir you read the title right colour changing snapbacks, now there might be some people who think this is just ok. That's cool do your thing, as for me when I heard about em I raced to go find out more on them and I was like arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these are oh sooooo illlllllllllllllll. Akomplice a street wear brand hailing from Denver, teamed up with Dipt a Vancouver based retailer; a collabo  to commemorate a decade of the stores swagness.

From this alliance forged in swag they say a snapback that  is like nothing out there has been born. Now I dont wanna sway anyones views/opinions but these are the words of the Brand "What makes this hat really groundbreaking is that the bill changes color when put in the sunlight" 

Ok let me repeat that incase you blinked say it slow with me now

"What makes this hat really groundbreaking is that the bill changes color when put in the sunlight"

In the video featuring  pro skater Gailea Momolu, he hooks up one Akomplice colour changing snapback before heading back out to kick and push through Vancouver.

Some cool stuff that was revealed is that the snapback showcases Akomplice's new Hyperlight technology, which features a waxed cotton feel to the fingers and a unique color changing ability.

This Hyperlight material not only morphs and transforms colors in the sunlight, it "transforms ways of representing ourselves," according to a company spokesperson. You can cop one at  Dipt in Vancouver; as well as a limited release online at Akomplices store for more info please visit

Akomplice x Dipt: Hyperlight Project (Self Hired Productions) from Self Hired Productions on Vimeo.

Sick Right ???? Yep I knew you'd think so too.

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