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Fake Vs Real Last Kings Snapbacks

It's now Day 5 of the New Year (again Happy New Year FOLKS!!!), soooooooo I thought why not start off with a helpful topic.

Then again it is a topic people tend to keep asking me like I'm some Snapback expert or something ; )

It's simply how to tell a fake from a real Last Kings Snapback  turns out some of  Tygas fans have been a bit confused on this one.

So here's a short and sweet video I found  that shows easily how to tell a real Last Kings snapback from a fake one or you could always just ask Tyga directly if you know him.

See I always look after my peeps and now when people ask me how can you tell between a fake Last Kings Snapback and a real one and  I'll just say in a cool calm and collected voice  ''go visit Snapbacks Union its all there'' : )

Till the next time take care folk oh and the next post is a really cool one think you guys will like it so stay tuned maybe I will  actually post it and let u see it within the next hour then again maybe I won't.






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