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Fake Vs Real Tisa and a funny Don C’s story in the Club

Ok  its now day 10 of 2012 and I've been asked to throw up another ''real or fake edition'' this time about Ti$A, you know I was just gonna add this to the original post on the Last Kings Snapback but then I rememebred something that happened back in  2011 (all the way last year).

It was at the weekend, out with the crew you know how we do chilling and all.

When suddenly a couple of dudes stepped in I don't know if they had been there already or they arrived after us but either way they stepped in, all sporting Don C's snakes skins snapback (3 of them).

Now naturally you guys know me I'm a well mannered snapback talker but these dudes had on fake Don  C's and that was just provocative and got me going but I didn't knock their swag.

I mean the dudes were ''Dougieing'' and ''Cat Daddying'' in their fake snake skins snapback

I was thinking to myself like naaa these guys can't be seriously serious (I must be  getting punkd: started looking round for hidden cameras and all, didn't see any).

Can't be coming up in my spot rocking crab skin snapbacks with confidence like Don C gave em to you himself and (this is when I knew I had to address their ratchetness):

Then this brave one starts trying to get attention and impress the shawty that I already knew while she was talking to me, like hes the the first ever cat to dougie in front of her.

# don't disrespect my swag son.

I promise you guys you can't make these things up , so at this point the DJ started playing New Boyz ''you're a Jerk''  and was just about to go into Otis so I adjusted my humble Mitchell and Ness La Kings Crown gave shawty my arm and we walked into VIP.

 #if you can buy Don C you ''should'' be able to get into VIP.

So as a Public Service I decided to add a fake Don C spotter as well.

''Say No to fake Don C's'' LOL.





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  • TONY


  • Jack Alexander.

    How can you tell if an Obey Snapback is fake? I bought one off of a market stall and I think its a fake.. But it has an authentication sticker on the front? Can you help me?

  • Nicki ’em

    If you have to question if it's fake or not best thing to do is ask yourself is this shit worth it? Seriously do girls care what SnapBack you have on I doubt it. Sounds to me like you dudes are just trying to impress other dudes since only another guy will know if it's fake or not. That's my two cents.

  • Jezalynn

    lmao nahh, girls know if a snapback is real or not. I've called out a couple of dudes before on it