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My top 10 Interesting and maybe Favourite Snapbacks

Ok so if you know me its no mystery that I'm predisposed to Mitchell and Ness Snapbacks so its almost likely that my top 10 Snapbacks would all be from Mitchell and Ness well 5 mins ago I'd have said yep and 5 mins later I'm saying Hell yea Hell yea Too Right.

But that would be so boring tho and I know some people don't like the sports snapbacks and prefer Obey or Supreme etc so to make this top 10 more exciting I looked at some of these other suggested ''cool'' snapbacks and then made the countdown (in no particular order) so here it is Legggggo.

#10 The JBF Customs Carbon Fiber Snapbacks

Possibly having been inspired by the popularity of DON C and his Just Don snakes skin Snapbacks there has been a spark in creativity for customising snapbacks. coming in at 10 on this list are the JBF customs Carbon Fiber snap backs here we have two examples of his fine work.



#9  DGK I love Haters Snapbacks

Hi haters, we love you haters because your an indication that we are relevant. Yep haters everyone's got them, even haters have haters (can you believe that) its just one funny vicious cycle LOL. Anyway back to the point the DGK I love Haters snapbacks are pretty sweet wearing this in a club while popping bottles surrounded by models is definitely the way forward. That right there is the swag I encourage all my readers to try if they would like to identify their club haters trust me try it once and see. Its one of the funniest things.

#8 Obey Snapbacks

I know friends who would attack me en masse if they knew I did this list and I didn't mention their cherished Obey Snapbacks.Come to think of it they are very popular and if there's something I've  come to realise a lot of people that like em seem to be the ones who wanted an alternative to the sports teams snapbacks offered by M&N, New Era, American Needle. So technically my friends are the Snapbacks rebels lol. I Joke I joke kid I kid naa the Obey snapbacks are cool and go with a lot of peoples swag but I haven't seen any crazy or out there styles if anyone has one please send it in and ill use at as the Obey snapbacks picture.

#7 Sesame Street Snapbacks

This just had to be here for comedy value and because Sesame street was a big part of our childhood so was Tom and Jerry (perhaps there should also be a Tom and Jerry Snapback) by the way if your reading this and you go ahead and create some Tom and Jerry Snapbacks that make you a fortune please don't forget my Royalties. Back to the sesame street cookie monster snapback well  that's exactly what it is don't think there's much all else to say.

#6 Raised by Wolves

I first heard about Raised by Wolves while I was actually trying to help someone find where they could get them. Think this was around thanks giving/ Black Friday and I saw their All Black Leather Brim snapback on facebook  which had an eerie aura to it and I liked it.

Raised by Wolves is a Canadian based brand which explains why the Canadian flag is found on all of their baseball bats. Aside from snapbacks they've also got jackets watches and shoes but as this countdown is about the snapbacks  we'll end it on the note that  they have an artistic less is more approach which seems to be the way of the Wolf Pack just ask Alan.

#5 The Snakeskin Snapbacks by Just Don

If you've watched the Otis Video or performance at the VMA's or been to any of the Watch the Throne Concerts or recently seen Yeezy or Jigga  then you've definitely seen them rocking the Just Don Snakeskin Snapbacks. Now first of all these snapbacks will set you back $400 but thanks to the trendy Roc-A-Fella pair the Just Don Snapbacks are getting a lot of popularity.

Personally I don't think they would suit me at all and at first I wasn't really feeling any of em until I saw the Boston Celtics one that one is very very nice (NO NO its NOT just because I'm a Celtics boy )  but yeah if it became mandatory to get one it would be the Celtics one. However, I've got to hand it to Just Don's creativity and spotting a gap in the market to cater for.

#4 Do You Not Them (DYNT) ''F Tradition Snapback Caps''

Now I only knew about DYNT thanks to a source in LA telling me about them on the BlackFriday 2011. I did a little research and I love what these guys stand for just reading their mission statement I instantly knew where they were coming from and interpreted them as as thus ''Do what  works for you, follow your own path, your own dreams, its your life to live so live it as your best possible self', why try to fit in when your born to stand out .(realest talk). Definitely my type of people. When next I'm in Cali i'll make sure I holla at em you should too.

#3 Last Kings Snapbacks

Rack City chic Rack Rack City chic, my boy Tyga and his brand Last Kings had to definitely make an appearance up on this list. If you've been a Tyga fan right from ''Coconut Juice'' through all the mixtapes ''Black Thoughts'', ''The Free Album'', ''Well Done'' and a whole lot more including the recently released ''#Beeee ImTheShi$''. Then you've seen the concept of the Last Kings and felt how its developed and evolved through Tygas music. I like how Tyga did this and how the Black colourways were sold out before I could even get mine and still sold out might I add.

#2 Tisa Snapbacks by Taz Arnold

''Pepsi thats a brand name, Tisa thats a brand name I stand by it I guarantee it''.Without a shadow of a doubt building your own personal brand image based on yourself is an art which Taz perfected and uses everyday with his TISA brand. Walking round the city I see the cool kids rocking em from age 10 - early 30s. Taz definitely got it right with this one.

Not to mention the boys in the media Tyga Breezy Big Sean all rock TISA and believe it or not accept it or not these are the youngns that the youth are emulating. However as I will always say Pharrel has always been for me the ''All Spark''.

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers Mitchell and Ness Snapback

And now for my favourite Snapback Cap it is the one the only

Cleveland Cavaliers Snapback Mitchell and Ness Snapback.

Yep out of all the Snapbacks I own this is my favourite one actually my Black and Red Chicago Bulls tied with this but after an hour of deliberation and wardrobe changes to analyse the swagness of both I flipped a coin and Cleveland won. I remember the first time I saw it in the ''I'm on My Level'' video I literally searched high and low for it and when I finally got it I went out on the weekend and the shawty below took it off my head in the club to pose loll.

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