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Snapbacks Swag Juelz Santana Drops $1000+ On Snapback Hats!

Now a lot of us are proud of our Snapbacks Collection even if we've only got like say 5, 2 or just 1 snapback (then again 1 lonely snapback technically isn't yet a collection) and so we should be.

However if theres one guy aside from Tyga or Breezy who has a bunch of Snapbacks its our Boy Juelz.Santana ....I really mean it .

Dude spent over a grand  yep Ill say it again so you don't break your stride as you're reading  Juelz spent  about $1000 on just his Snapbacks swag.

Now whats Really Really Really Really Good ?

I wish I had seen this earlier like back in September anyways better late than never,plus I was too busy trying to give you guys other cool stuff but since there's nothing else to say watch the video, comment ,like,share, tweet or infact  if you wanna go out and spend a $1001 on your own Snapbacks swag please holla at me as I'd defo love to know LOL anyways people enjoy.



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