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Top 100 Girls in Snapbacks 2011 trailer

You know, I was thinking Snapbacks made a real comeback and soared in popularity this year and  yet there isn't (as far as I'm aware) a Snapbacks Countdown for the ladies.

I mean we have 99 top women, we have sexiest female celebrities, we have richest heiresses,  we have miss world and a lot more so at this point ill use my trusty ''etc'' as I'm sure you catch my drift.

Next thing I did was look at my watch then I looked at my calendar and I realized that if I was gonna make this happen now I've only go't one day left to compile a list of 100 coolest hottest and swag'd out girls in a Snapback.

So consider this post a teaser trailer because on midnight NYE, I think we will make history and  release a top 100 countdown so get those pictures in people and yes of course some of the ladies from the  Snapbacks Swag Pictures Gallery  will definitely  feature.

But most importantly everyone is a part of this so lets get those pictures in  Submit Pictures Here and I'll do my best to make it happen people, sometimes I wonder why I do stuff like this so much pressure to deliver guess its for the love of it all.

p.s. I'll credit all pics as best I can so:

so send your name/alias in with the email and ill credit you

If applicable send your  tumblr, facebook  or twitter etc and link to them in the credits.

Obviously you can share the list when its finished and up so please don't hesitate folks.

Anyways gotta bounce now as I expect I'm gonna be up late but before I go

Happy NEW Year to all my peeps in advance I really really appreciate all your support,guys you all make it worth it, Real Talk.

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