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What are Snapbacks?

Now you may not believe your eyes but some people are still asking what are snapbacks (yes in 2012).

I remember the firs time I heard the question ''dude  what exactly is a snapback''?

Then  I heard the question repeated and this was pretty much my response:

Yizzzzzir this aint no myth, there are people who kinda missed the start of the snapback trend in fashion.

But have no fear here at Snapbacks Union we are gonna help a bunch of folks out by defining what a snapback is well at least we can tell you what we believe a snapback is.

Now pay attention class because we can only say this once ( but you're welcome to read it as many times as you want):

A snapback hat or a snapback cap  is a baseball styled cap  or baseball styled hat where size of the hat is adjustable by a snap(strap) on the back.

Yep thats it thats what a snapback is, oh were you expecting something a little bit more elaborate?

P.s. another thing people who don't know what a snapback is may not also know is  that snapbacks aren't a new  thing.

Anyone who knows fashion will know fashion trends change, come around and go around but style remains the same.

Snapbacks have been around since the80s/90s lets look at some of the early pioneers :

The legendary N.W.A, Aryton Senna one of the greatest F1 drivers ever, Coco the Monkey the Coco Pops Mascot, the Chicago Bulls Jordan and Pippen era to but name a few snapbacks pioneers.

And now a round of applause for our Snapback Pioneers.

Now in recent times my peeps Mac Miller, Tyga, Chris Breezy, Big Sean kinda brought Snapbacks back and Pharrell has been rocking em for a minute.

I mean no doubt any regular person could have been rocking them right from the very first snapback ever created up until now but if you weren't in the spotlight no one would know  so we couldn't put your name up but don't worry swag recognise swag so we respect you unsung snapback heroes too.

So there you have it folks  now you know  what snapbacks are.

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